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GALLERY VIBRANTE - Fine Art Photography co-op project
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Jon Hoadley

Jon Hoadley – real master of studio art photography. Working in the same studio space since 1984, he can be compared to fine Dutch and Italian painters of past centuries (best Chiaroscuro oil paintings).
Obsessed with nuances of light and forms of human body, he works tirelessly expanding his huge collection of masterpieces. Digital photography gave him much needed expansion of editing tools. While he worked on commercial international scene photographing for known brands, and his photographs won awards, it was never of much interest to him. Same with his self-promotion – rather than getting known and marketing himself, he used all his energy and time to create new images. Therefore, Hoadley's works are relatively little known – but they stand really strong among the best art portraits of international scene - real masterpieces for finest collections. His best, heart-and-mind-touching art selected for limited editions can be proudly displayed by the most discerning connoisseurs. .. Read More


Leszek Nowak

Leszek Nowak - driven by passion for travel he visited many parts of the world in search of magnificent landscapes and unforgettable scenery.
Nowak was always fascinated by the beauty of nature and the forces that transform its elements.
His aspiration is to capture images that truthfully communicate the character of the scene and evoke viewer’s emotions. He strives to focus on well-crafted composition and refined adjustments without much digital manipulation.
During years of work he developed keen interest in panoramic photography. He believes it is the perfect format for capturing majestic landscapes capable of showing the expansiveness of the scene.
.. Read More


Doug Gilbert

I've lived all my life on the west coast of Canada. My mother encouraged my passion for art from an early age, and enrolled me in numerous art classes from the age of 6. Over the years, I've worked in various mediums ranging from oil, pastel, water colour, pencil, clay,wood and metal. Although I have studied art on my own over the years, I decided to keep it as a passion and not a career.

The largest influence on my work has been from the Photo-Secession photographers of the late 19th and early 20th century. I admire what they accomplished with the limited resources of their era, and it encourages me to explore the possibilities provided me through digital photography.
- Doug Gilbert .. Read More


Derek Galon

Derek Galon - M.A. (member of RPS, CAPA Canada)
Son of a musician – as a small child loved spending hours under his dad’s grand piano, listening as he practiced for his upcoming concerts. This powerful experience of real “surround sound” determined his life choice – the arts!
He studied classical music, and also photography – requisitioned the family bathroom to serve as darkroom. Already in his teens he was winning awards and exhibiting works, while simultaneously continuing his education and giving concerts. With university studies completed, he further pursued his professional career in the arts, arriving in Canada from Europe. He keeps photographing…and then, photographing…and photographing… (now for over 40 years!)

Along with his long-time partner Margaret Gajek (art historian, writer) he runs Ozone Zone Books publishing company. Their coffee table books full of Derek's vibrant photographs won several international awards and are distributed globally. He exhibits his art photography internationally, winning numerous competitions and also working for top international clientelle.
When it comes to fine art photography, he is trying to find beauty in our everyday surroundings. He uses amazingly vibrant colours as well as ascetic monochrome and his "signature" fine editing as means of exposing that beauty. In his portraiture it is easy to notice fascination with surrealism, but he is also a real "soul hunter" trying to expose real human feelings of his models. It is perhaps this ability which makes his works strike deeper, asking you to stop and think again, to open not only your eyes - but also your heart and mind. .. Read More