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About Us - photographers of Gallery Vibrante
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About Us - photographers of Gallery Vibrante

The concept behind Gallery Vibrante is to make the finest art photography available directly to the client, making collectible photo art really affordable.

Fine Art Photography Gallery Vibrante is a co-operative art venture that was created by three seasoned and highly recognized art photographers from Western Canada. Based on rock-solid foundation of their joint professional skills, the Gallery offers direct-to-client photographic art sales of a high quality and standard at discounted cost.

The three photographers – Derek Galon, Jon Hoadley, Leszek (Les) Nowak - the co-founders of this gallery – come from different artistic backgrounds, and each has his very different individual style. Together, they offer a wide array of choices: from black and white photography, to sophisticated artistic nudes, to classical, minimalistic, surrealist, and modern, as well as various other styles and ideas. One thing, however, is true of all the three photographers. And that is: They have all been involved in the arts and photography for decades, and art photography for them means much more than just a pretty picture on the wall.

Two of the Gallery founders – Derek Galon and Leszek (Les) Nowak - work closely with Ozone Zone Books and Publishing company. Derek Galon is the main photographer behind their award-winning coffee-table books, while Leszek Nowak, also photographing for Ozone Zone, additionally acts as technical photo adviser. Their knowledge and skills related to editing and printing of fine photography are a great asset, setting Gallery Vibrante apart from the competition. They also work as independent art photographers, obsessed with self-improvement and capturing the inherent beauty of our world.
The third co-founder – Jon Hoadley – brings in to the Gallery his amazing artistry in fine art nude and portrait works. Decades of experience combined with his artistic soul make him a true master of lighting and mood. His works stand strong among the very best portraiture and fine art nude works in Canada and international art world.
For more information and bios on individual artists, please see Gallery pages.

We believe what makes us truly unique is the QUALITY of our works and their genuine ARTISTRY – not the quantity of images offered. Whichever you wish to have - small and inexpensive quality art prints, or a large, exquisitely mounted limited-edition collector's piece – our works will not disappoint.
While Gallery Vibrante is new, the founder photographers behind it are real veterans, three seasoned artists who together between them have... around 100 years of experience in photography! Now, that counts for something too...

We are based in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
When you contact us, you will be dealing directly with us, no middlemen, secretaries or reps. If one of us is away shooting on some remote location, another one of us will be happy to assist you – for this is a co-op project. We promise you great experience and real customer support. Our collectible Limited Edition Art makes a fine investment, adding character to even the most discriminating collection.
We hope ownership of our art images will make you proud and will give you long years of pleasure.
Thank you!

While on page “Contact” you can find our main email and phone/fax lines, you may also contact each of us directly at:
Derek @ photogalleryvibrante.com
Leszek @ photogalleryvibrante.com
Jon @ photogalleryvibrante.com
Doug @ photogalleryvibrante.com
Please remove spaces before and after @ when sending an email.

Note for art photographers:
Gallery Vibrante is a co-op gallery with open concept, and more artists may be invited to display and offer their photography on this site. However, consistency of this Gallery style is important to all founders, and while fine photographers can apply to be represented – their works will be evaluated not only by “good photo - bad photo” criteria, but rather by integrity of the style and the overall match with the style our Gallery intends to demonstrate. Understanding this is the pre-condition for any photographer to apply. Only a small number of photographers will be invited here. If a portfolio is not accepted, it is because it may not match the desired style in our opinion, and should be no reason for disappointment. As our display grows and evolves, we may reconsider our collaboration at some later time. Thank you for your interest.