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GALLERY VIBRANTE - Fine Art Photography co-op project
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Gallery Vibrante - fine art photography co-op

Fine Art Photography Gallery Vibrante is a co-operative art venture that was created by three seasoned and highly recognized art photographers from Western Canada. Based on rock-solid foundation of their joint professional skills, the Gallery offers direct-to-client photographic art sales of a high standard at discounted cost.
Unlike most fine art galleries, where the owners are also middlemen representing the artists, and charging high commissions on each photograph sold, we are a co-op. That means that you can purchase art works here at a far more advantageous, reduced price, because you are dealing directly with the exhibiting photographers.

The three photographers – Derek Galon, Jon Hoadley, Leszek (Les) Nowak - founders of this gallery – come from different artistic backgrounds, and each has a very different individual style. In the wide array you will find a rich variety of choices: From black and white photography, to sophisticated artistic nudes, to classical, minimalistic, surrealist, and modern, as well as various other styles and ideas. One thing, however, is true of all the three photographers. And that is: They have all been involved in the arts and photography for decades, and art photography for them means much more than just a pretty picture on the wall.
The Gallery's new addition - an acclaimed, seasoned artist and photographer Doug Gilbert - brings yet another dimension to the Gallery selection.

They all believe that real Art needs to touch your heart and speak to your soul. It should make you stop and want to come back to it again and again. It’s like a seed that has stayed with you and expanded to make your world more beautiful and worth living.
We invite you to explore our personal worlds – a space filled with different art concepts and fine emotions awaiting discovery. And when you find that particular piece that strongly appeals to your artistic sense – then we will be happy to help you indulge in your chosen fine art item by processing your order promptly and professionally.

Thank you for visiting Fine Art Photography Gallery Vibrante co-op project.

This site contains artistic images with nudity. We confirm that all models were of legal age when photographed. While we consider fine art nudity beautiful, inspiring and harmless, to comply with various laws we need to state that, by entering our Galleries you confirm that you are over 18 y.o., artistic nude images do not offend you, and are legal to view in your area. Some art subjects may also be of controversial nature to some viewers. By entering Galleries or purchasing images you also confirm you understand art can be controversial, and you will keep authors out of harm way and will not use any of their work against their interest. You will respect our copyrights and also won't copy any images without authors' written authorization. Otherwise you must navigate out of this site immediately. Thank you!

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All three founders – Hoadley, Nowak, Galon – started their encounter with art photography when most of it was still Black and White, and done totally on film. They evolved with progressing photography techniques and honed their artistic skills, as they moved from fine art black and white photography to color, and from darkroom to their computers. now they atre at the leading edge, creating images of uncompromising quality and beauty. But the Black and White art photography has still a special place in their hearts and it is reflected in their art portfolios. This site is designed for people who enjoy fine photography art, collectors and connoisseurs. We hope you will enjoy browsing our galleries and find an art work you will love.